5 Ways to Manage Business Finances to Be Effective

Are you the owner of a business? Or are you someone who is responsible for the finances of the company where you work? You will agree that managing finances is crucial in a business because this can reflect how well a company can develop, especially for small and medium-sized companies. The better your business financial management, the healthier … Read more

Easier to Pay Bills with PermataMobile X

Have to pay bills and top up every month, but lazy to go back and forth to the ATM? Don’t worry, as a Permata Bank customer, you can take advantage of the Permata Mobile X mobile banking service . Permata Mobile X has hundreds of features to make it easier for you to carry out various financial transactions, including paying bills and topping up your … Read more

Open an Online Savings Account at PermataMobile X

Want to open a savings account but lazy to go to the bank to stand in line? With the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application, we can open a Permata Bank savings account online , the process itself is easy and fast! Open Savings without going to a branch office Permata Mobile X has hundreds of features to make all customer transactions easier. One such feature is … Read more

6 Mobile Applications That Can Make Your Days Easier

Nothing is more valuable than time, that’s why using a mobile application that can help make your day easier is a must. If you’re going to spend most of your time using a mobile app , of course that app has to be the best, right? Starting from work support applications to mobile banking , here are recommendations for seven mobile applications that can make … Read more

Not only makes it easy, here are 6 other advantages of mobile banking

Smartphones have become an important part of human life because they are used for many things, including the use of mobile banking . This service, whose main use is to facilitate banking transactions, can be accessed via a smartphone, making it more practical. Not only makes it easy, there are several other advantages of this digital banking product . Here are six of … Read more

Hard to Save? Try Applying These 5 Tips!

Saving is one of the activities that is important to do to help you achieve your financial goals. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at saving. In fact, many people find it difficult to save. Various reasons ranging from a mediocre income to the bad habit of shopping without a clear goal make saving difficult. Are you one of … Read more

Here’s How to Register PermataMobile X Mobile Banking

Since its launch on August 2 2018, the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application has received great enthusiasm from customers because it facilitates various banking transactions. Permata Mobile X is a digital banking breakthrough that offers hundreds of features in one application to meet your various financial needs. By utilizing the banking features available in the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , you can also … Read more

6 Safe Tips to Buy Ideal Items with Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans or KTA are often used as an option when you want to buy a dream item without the need to provide any guarantee. Unsecured loans also don’t take much time to liquidate. Pretty interesting, right? Even so, you still have to be careful when applying for a loan. Because, a miscalculation not only makes it difficult … Read more

Apply for a Credit Card Online at PermataMobile X

Want to have a credit card but lazy to go to the bank to fill out the form? Calm! Now applying for a Permata Bank credit card can be done online via mobile banking Permata Mobile X. You can apply for a credit card anytime and anywhere. Curious how? Check out the explanation below!  Choose a Credit Card According to Your Needs Permata Bank has several … Read more

Apply for KTA Online at PermataMobile X

Even though we have planned our finances very carefully, there are times when expenses arise that are beyond our planning. Whether it’s for unexpected needs, additional business capital, tuition fees, holidays and so on. Permata KTA  can be a solution for your cash needs. Apart from being safe because it is supervised by the OJK, this KTA loan from Permata Bank also … Read more